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Stephen Jones Starting New Section

imageStephen Jones is getting ready to start his next section of his blog: "3. The Bible and the Shroud," which is by his count part 18 of a series. Here already, is the Table of Contents.

Stephen makes the point that the Shroud of Turin with major bloodstains is consistent with the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion of Jesus.

I’m looking forward to these next twenty-one postings as they unfold.

© Stephen E. Jones

  1. Introduction
  2. The man on the Shroud
  3. He was scourged
  4. He was beaten about the head
  5. He was crowned with thorns
  6. He carried his cross
  7. He fell
  8. He was nailed to a cross
  9. He died on the cross
  10. His face was covered with a small cloth
  11. His legs were not broken
  12. He was speared in the side
  13. He was buried in tomb
  14. His body was washed
  15. His body was anointed with spices
  16. He was enfolded in a linen shroud
  17. His body did not decompose
  18. His body was resurrected!
  19. Objections
  20. Alternatives
  21. Conclusion
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