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The Shroud of Turin Exhibit & Museum in Alamogordo

A couple of RVers blogging their way from Ontario to Florida to New Mexico stop by The Shroud of Turin Exhibit & Museum.

When Roy and I discovered this museum in Alamogordo, we were hesitant to go to it, but we are so glad we did! The presentation and displays were excellent! We learned a lot!

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With equipment designed to detect dimension, they learned that the shroud projects a 3 dimensional image! They don’t know why! The photograph of the shroud projects a 3D image on the monitor, and will also do it with your cell phone! A reverse black/white negative of the shroud will also project a 3D image! Other types of photos do not project a 3D image!

Nice review!  And from this blog two years ago:

Wow! Go check out SEAM Home Page

Group tours in English. To schedule tours in German & Spanish, contact Events or call (575) 415-5206 (corrected).

Presentations at Your Location
Deacon Pete Schumacher, 1972 VP8 Production Engineer, is available to conduct . . .

About Us
Free Turin Shroud interactive exhibit at White Sands Mall, 3199 N White Sands Blvd, Suite D1, Alamogordo, NM, 88310. We offer a backlit, full-sized picture, the only interactive VP-8 Image Analyzer* 3D experience, NM Shroud research, etc. Our goal is make Turin Shroud available to all including the vision impaired.

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