The Night of the Shroud to Air on Italian Television

clip_image001Francesca Saracino writes:

I have a good news to communicate.

The Night of the Shroud will be aired here in Italy Sunday,May 26 at 9 am on one of the most important Channels here in Italy Retequattro (Channel 4)

The program will also be visible on the satellite then also the many Italian people who live in U.S. could see him, of course, in time-shifted.

Would you be so kind as to post the news in your website?

This is great news and we hope soon to also find a TV in the U.S who send the documentary on the air!

Progress! If anyone knows how to get a stream of this, let me know. And lets hope for a U.S. broadcast soon.

4 thoughts on “The Night of the Shroud to Air on Italian Television”

  1. We’ve been waiting for approximately one year.

    My belief is Francesca Saracino may be able to persuade “Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)” to run the documentary on one of their TV channels here in the US.

    As well, TBN has opened a massive structure, similar to Disneyland, called “The Holy Land Experience” in Orlando, Florida, complete with a reconstruction of the Temple and many other biblical sites. Check out the link and look at it on google images.

    Surely this Christian conglomeration would run Francesca’s DVD.


  2. Angel,That would be a good idea, but have you noticed that the site makes no mention of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre? Looks like the people behind it do not know (or choose to ignore?) the fact that most Israeli archaeologists, heavyweights such as Bahat, Kloner, among them, consider this place to be the actual site of the burial of Jesus.

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