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Quest TV: Treasures Decoded: The Turin Shroud

RECENT: I don’t know if this will stay up, so watch it soon. There is some discussion about image formation including an experiment with a pig.  The video runs just about 44 minutes.

A Description of the series from Quest:

Discover five of the world’s greatest treasures, all with remarkable secrets that have remained hidden… until now.

Treasures Decoded examines five of the world’s greatest treasures: The Turin Shroud, The Dead Sea Copper Scroll, The Jesus Tablets, The Death Cult of the Sphinx and The Golden Raft of El Dorado. All of these hold remarkable secrets that have remained hidden… until now.

Filming with archaeologists, historians, scholars and scientists, no stone is left unturned in search of answers. Using a range of new techniques, including state-of-the-art forensics, our experts explore the history and possible implications of exposing the fascinating truth about each treasure.

What does the obscured writing on the Turin Shroud mean? Is the Golden Raft the key to finding the treasures of El Dorado? All will be revealed…

The link if you need it is

Hat tip: David Rolfe

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