What Else Doth Passeth All Understanding?

clip_image001Some of the email I receive. One might think this was spam except that it is so specific.

Of recent I contacted you and your organization regarding a claim for the "Shroud of Turin," of which it is referred to now. I am asking you once again how you wish for me to proceed in pursuing that claim without hardship, animosity or anguish to any of the parties involved therewith. Within it contained the remains of that which I am and my predecessors were related. We are prepared fully and completely to undergo any and all tests that said keepers of the Shroud and its governing body and/or government require to prove that we are physically related to that of the soul whose body was enshrouded therein.

I guess I should forward this to Turin.

2 thoughts on “What Else Doth Passeth All Understanding?”

  1. As students some 50 years ago we pulled some fairly weird stunts around April 1st, but you’ve got a doozey here. I’m guessing this one’s email address is whoever@happyfarm.org.co, diagnosis messianic complex perhaps.

  2. I cannot comprehend how this is possible since no one knows for certain whose image in on the Shroud. Further, since the DNA is degraded, how do they propose to even test anything? Good answer Dave.

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