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Shroud of Turin Presentation in Orlando

clip_image001John C. Iannone will be presenting, The Mystery of the Shroud of Turin: The Case for Authenticity, at Holy Family Catholic Church, 5125 S. Apopka Vineland Rd., Orlando on Monday, May 13th at 7pm in the church. From the churches website:

No cloth in history has been so studied as the Holy Shroud. Nor has any cloth so caught the fascination and reverence of the world. And still, this Linen remains a mystery. Is it the ancient burial cloth of Jesus, a Visual Gospel providing in its fabric the story of His passion and resurrection?

What do modern blood and DNA studies reveal? Are there images of flowers and pollen on the Shroud that trace its history? What do pathologists say about the wounds and the weapons that created them? These questions as well as new scientific and historical evidence are discussed in this free 1 hour intriguing presentation supporting the authenticity of the Shroud presented with many colorful PowerPoint slides.

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