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imageIt’s not often that you see a public library in the U.S. featuring the Shroud of Turin or even  religion. Here is a nice exception, History’s Mysteries: the Shroud of Turin | …As You Like It…, from the The Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana:

Il Mistero Della Sindone (The Mystery of the Shroud) by Saverio Gaeta and Giulio Fanti, which details the results of the University of Padua’s studies, is currently only available in Italian, so I won’t be able to read it any time soon. In the meantime, I can check out Shroud 2.0, an app released on Good Friday, which features images of the cloth along with concise blurbs about its history . Produced by Haltadefinizione, a company which specializes in art photography, the app allows the average person the opportunity to zoom in on high-definition images of the shroud — simply awesome.   And there are a variety of titles within ACPL’s collection that I can read or watch — check out these titles and decide for yourself if the Shroud is authentic, fake, or forever a mystery.

Becky C. who wrote the article then goes on to list several books.

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