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A Committee Far Removed from Padua

imageForbes Magazine’s highly regarded science and technology writer John Farrell chimes in with A Nice App, But The Shroud Of Turin Needs A New Peer Review

That Fanti is submitting his results to a scientific committee sounds promising, although there are no details yet on who is on the committee.

Given the controversial nature of the Shroud, and his claims, I hope Fanti will also consider submitting his results to scientists far removed from Padua, like MIT and Oxford, for example.

Given Gian Marco Rinaldi’s critical review (in Italian and in English) of the third chapter of Fanti’s book, Fanti needs to step up to this implied commitment with something fully transparent. An anonymous peer review for a journal that lacks a high JCR rating won’t cut it. Fanti’s book made such a big public splash that the questions now surfacing about methods and samples must be addressed in the same public arena. Soon!

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