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Sales and Amazon Reviews of Fanti’s New Book

In the last few days we may have withnessed the most explosive Shroud of Turin book announcement ever. At Amazon Italy (, Giulio Fanti’s Il mistero della Sindone. Le sorprendenti scoperte scientifiche sull’enigma del telo di Gesù ranks #17 among book on Christianity – half of the books ahead of it are about the new pope – and ranks #284, overall, among all books. Surprisingly, there are no customer reviews, yet. But then, again, is small compared to; even the number one ranked book on Christianity in Italy (specifically about Francis) has only one customer review.

The publisher’s description says so little. Here is a Bing translation from Amazon Italy:

"A mystery of the cross and light" quell’inspiegabile and irreproducible body image imprinted on the cloth is testimony to the passion and death of Jesus, but also of his resurrection. The words spoken by Pope Benedict XVI returned to the Shroud whole truth that scientific research had tried to resize. In 1988, in fact, with carbon dating l4, scientists determined that the Shroud dated from the Middle Ages. Today, thanks to a multidisciplinary work promoted by the University of Padua and lasted fifteen years, the team led by Giulio Fanti shows that the radiocarbon dating has been distorted by environmental contamination, and goes right back to the early death of Jesus that traces of dust, pollen and spores from the Middle East to direct, that the body has been depicted on the linen violence told in the Gospels of the Passion, and the image was produced by the exceptional radiation developed at the time of the resurrection. This book, co-written by Fanti and Saverio Gaeta, is the account of a discovery and the story of the extraordinary historical events of the most precious and revered relic of Christianity.

That’s it? Anything from anyone reading the book?

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