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Giulio Fanti’ Tie

Anyone remember the following quotable comment from a discussion last August to a posting entitled, “Giulio Fanti Responds. Are you listening Yannick and Colin?” Giulio had written a rather long posting for the readers of this blog defending the use of Academic Journals, a Nigeria-based publisher of open access journals that normally charge authors to publish their articles. Colin Berry wrote in response:

Only an intense, highly localised corona discharge could have produced the image we see. I refer to Giulio’s tie…

I found the above quote because I was reviewing older postings about scientific journals after receiving an email from UMASS-chem1:

Giulio Fanti, by publishing his book, has subjected himself to intense examination in the near future. He must publish an English language account of his research in a reputable scientific journal as soon as possible. You and the media tell us he intends to. Giulio is telling friends that a paper has already been accepted. That concerns me. Paulette yesterday and Gabriel in past comments are right in their assessments. Gilulio’s paper needs to be in a journal with a respectable JCR rating. If Giulio publishes in a questionable journal he could harm the reputation of shroud science for a long time.

Paulette had written:

Reputable scieentific journals don’t like to publish scientific work that has already been published in books or elsewhere. It used to be that shroud science was published in good journals with solid JCR ratings. Lately, much has been published in dubious journals like JIST or open access vanity journals like those from Academic Journals, which charge authors.

and in another comment . . .

This is all one step removed from TV ads that proclaim “scientists have discovered” this or that that will make you thin or grow some hair. After all this publicity, this is one time that we need enough public information from Giulio Fanti to enable other scientists to confrim his work.

Gabriel had written last August:

Dan, the problem here is not whether we are in favour of an open access system for science. The problem here is that this journal does not belong to the JCR, unlike the papers by Adler, Pellicori and a long etc and as a result, peer-review is not guaranteed at all. That said, we can discuss about the contents- after all we do it all the time with anything published on the Shroud, don’t we?- but please, don’t call it science YET. (corrected)

Here is a link explaining JCR

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