imageimageHat tip to Joe Marino: From Vatican Insider, which is on a roll suddenly with Shroud of Turin stories, we learn that The Holy Shroud is on iPad and becomes 2.0

In the technology era also the Holy Shroud becomes “2.0”: as of Holy Friday 2013, the coming 29th of March, on the online Apple store it will be possible to download – in a double multilingual version, free and with fee – the first official App dedicated to the Holy Linen, created in conjunction with the special television Exposition which is scheduled on Rai Uno at Easter Eve. The Shroud, the sheet kept in the Turin Cathedral which, by tradition, would be the one in which Jesus body was wrapped in the sepulchre as quoted in the Gospels, is no doubt one of the most intense and wellknown symbols of Christianity. Although this tradition – however based on multiple evidences resulting from scientific investigations – cannot be deemed formally proved, the Shroud directly and immediately recalls the Passion of Christ, due to the features of its imprint.

You will have to read the full article, but this caught my attention:

A digitalization process that recomposed 1649 snapshots into one single 12 billion pixels image, held in a 72 Gigabytes file, corresponding to the content of 16 DVDs. Until today the dedicated Museum was the place which mostly offered the chance to approach the Shroud, excluding the Expositions, and the Turin Cathedral of Saint John where it is kept but not visible.

But now, a kind of “Digital Exposition” shall be constantly available on the displays of anyone having an iPad or iPhone – probably in the future also for those using Android. Besides exploring the Shroud in every single
spot with the touch screen picture, users will also be conducted along a knowledge and meditation journey by the technological device. In fact, this application allows to enhance the understanding of the cloth in an interactive and dynamic way through a real virtual tour along four theme routes, currently available in Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese, corresponding to four “navigation” options of the Sheet: story from the Gospels, elements of the cloth, elements of the figure, and scientific aspects.

Apparently it is for Apple iPad and iPhone only, at this time.