Apple Shroud of Turin App Demo

Here is a demonstration of the new “official” High Definition image app for Apple iPhones and iPad. I’m not quite sure what I’m seeing.


One thought on “Apple Shroud of Turin App Demo”

  1. It would appear to be the epsilon (reversed 3) bloodstain on the forehead that is being viewed – sideways instead of upright. If the others are like this one (I haven’t seen the entire video yet) then there is nothing here that one cannot get with Mario Latendresse’s Shroud Scope, or my own contrast-enhanced pictures thereof. Enter (shroud scope gallery) into your favourite search engine.

    On a different matter I see the Daily Telegraph has done an article on the latest fanti-sy science, already swamped with comments. It’s a jungle of a site – with fierce internet predators lurking – some at Blog Central – so I don’t think I’ll bother…

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