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Three New Shroud of Turin Websites to Watch

1)  From Paolo Di Lazzaro — This is actually a site map within a site at ENEA. The title says it all:

Gli studi sulla formazione dell’immagine della Sindone di Torino
(esperimenti condotti dal 2005)

Experiments about the generation of the image on the Shroud of Turin
(since 2005)

The site includes direct links to all of the ENEA staff shroud papers, a short movie, and some very recent photos of experiments

2)  From Colin Berry – This is a new site hosted as a blog. It is Colin’s latest strategy to try to get the attention of Sir Paul Nurse and the Royal Society (the UK’s academy of science). He wants them involved in shroud science. The chalkboard design and prejudicial wording of his home page clearly says it all:


I don’t think some of us are Colin’s favorite people as he writes (in chalk):

David Rolfe (already mentioned), scientists who freely admit to having theology as part of their remit: Dr.John Jackson of the Shroud Center, Colorado, subject of the Rolfe documentary, Dr. Paolo Di Lazzaro of ENSA, Professor Luigi Fanti. Other individuals whose activities are questionable re pseudoscience: Daniel R Porter, Thibault Heimburger, MD, Barrie M. Schwortz, Russ Breault, Andy Weiss, Pam Moon, John Klotz, possibly a few more.

I actually hope he pulls it off. I can’t think of better publicity leading to better incentives and perhaps some money for further studies for the shroud. Is it going to happen? I doubt it.

3)  From Gian Marco Rinaldi comes “An entirely new website of the Turin Center [that] is under construction.  It is, apparently, a replacement for the so-called “official” Shroud of Turin website,

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