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John Klotz on John Heller

imageYou need to read John Klotz’ entire posting, John Heller and the Shroud of Turin Research Project over at his blog Living Free. It starts out:

Anyone who is serious about current research on the Shroud, sooner or later, reaches out to Barrie Schwortz, the documentary photographer of the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP) and webmaster of I expect they get referred by Barrie (as I was) to Dr. John Heller’s intimate look at STURP in action: “Report on the Shroud of Turin,” Macmillan, New York 1983. It’s available used on Amazon if you can’t locate it anywhere else.

Klotz quotes Heller. Here is a tidbit but you need to read the whole thing:

"The team itself – its formation, cohesion, diversity, collaboration, as well as his sacrifice of time, talent and treasure – is unique in scientific annals.

"The role of "coincidence" is awesome. 

"Science undertook its specialty, which is measurement. We were supremely confident that the answers would – indeed must – be forthcoming. And we fail.

Actually, you should read the book. It is available through Amazon.

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