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Down-loadable apps, books: Holy Saturday Exhibition

clip_image001Gazzetta del Sud Online (English Edition) is reporting today, Pope Emeritus orders TV broadcast of Shroud of Turin:

Turin, March 4 – Although Pope Emeritus Benedict resigned last week, he left a parting gift for the world: an unusual display of the mystical Shroud of Turin. Last week, shortly before Benedict became the first pope in roughly 600 years to resign from the papacy, he announced that television cameras will be permitted to broadcast extremely rare images of the Shroud. The Vatican described this as Benedict’s final gift to the Roman Catholic Church. The Shroud of Turin is one of the Catholic Church’s most mysterious and often revered holy relics. Believers say the linen shroud was used to cover the body of Christ after his crucifixion and countless scientific tests conducted over the years have revealed the outline of the body of a man embedded in the fabric. Relatively few people ever have an opportunity to see the Shroud, so permitting it to be video taped and broadcast to the world is especially significant.

Some details:

But now, such images will not only be televised by Italian state broadcaster RAI, but also beamed out to anyone with the correct application on almost any kind of communications device. The broadcast, scheduled for the Saturday afternoon before Easter Sunday on March 31, 2013, will be transmitted from the northern Italian city of Turin, where the Shroud is heavily guarded in a bullet-proof, climate controlled glass case within the city’s most important cathedral. Archbishop of Turin Cesare Nosiglia will lead a celebration that is part of the Holy Saturday broadcast and although Benedict is not expected to take part, Vatican officials say the ceremony will allude to the fact that in May 2010, Benedict called the Shroud the "Icon of Holy Saturday". . . . Besides the televised broadcast of the Shroud event and down-loadable apps, a publication of a related book in Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese is planned, along with the release of a DVD.

And there is some discussion of the shroud’s image and the carbon dating.

How long will it take to make it to YouTube?

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