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Shroud to be on display in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

imageWFMZ in Shenandoah is reporting that “[s]tarting Sunday and for the next two weeks, one of nine authentic replicas, commissioned by the Pope of the Shroud of Turin, will be on display inside St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Shenandoah, Schuylkill County.”

In an article accompanying an archiving of the TV report:

Nay-sayers would point to carbon dating as proof it’s not real. But those with true faith say the evidence is indisputable.

"Any doubt in your mind that the shroud is not the burial cloth of Christ?" I asked the Monsignor Myron Grabowsky.

"No doubt at all," he said. "No man could paint or explain how the image was put on this shroud."

Through the years teams of researchers have tried to prove or disprove the belief, that the image seared into the cloth’s material was made when Jesus died and then resurrected.

"The conclusion after many years of testing is that they really can’t confirm it is or it isn’t. But if you take all the evidence to a court of law, the court would determine it is," Troyan said.

Link to story: Shroud of Turin replica to go on display in Shenandoah | News – Home

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