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SPECIAL PAPER CHASE: New Possibilities Why the C14 Dating of the Shroud May Be Wrong


UPDATE: David Rolfe just wrote to inform me that there is a PDF version of the paper that was not included in the announcement that I received earlier. I have changed the links appropriately and x’d out some other material. You will be taken to a page with a sidebar showing two versions of the paper. I recommend the PDF version.

MUST READ NEW PAPER: Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) contamination, mould damage, biocides and the carbon-14 dating of the Shroud of Turin by Pam Moon may turn out to be the most significant Shroud of Turin carbon dating paper in many years. Read it and see what you think. Below, in a box, is a screen scraped* snippet (as an image) from the paper’s conclusion. It says a lot. You need to read the whole paper, however.

We need to think a lot about this in the days ahead just as we did when Sue Benford and Joe Marino (then thought to be part of the lunatic fringe) published their ideas.



And from the Will-They-Never-Learn department: What’s wrong with PDF? Why annoy readers at the outset with formatting issues. Unfortunately, the decision to publish this paper as a series of images — including all of the text — encapsulated into a single umbrella HTML page limits the usefulness of this paper. I can’t print it easily and then go read it in the back yard with a cup of coffee. I can save it in order to read it on a plane but not if my only browser is Internet Explorer. I can’t use font sizing accessibility options on my iPad to compensate for poor eyesight; I have to zoom with three-finger-tapping and scroll right and left constantly. If I stray from a 3-bars-strong Wi-Fi zone in Starbucks, I have to reload everything. I can’t quote from the paper without retyping the text which sits on an eye-straining gray background. I can’t say, “Hey, Joe, read this paper.” I have to say, “I’ll send you the link. You deal with it.”

Did I mention that Google and all the other search engines will ignore this paper. They don’t read text imbedded in images. That is very unfortunate.

Getting around limitations: In Windows, to print a non-paginated  webpage dump, load the paper in the Chrome browser. Right-click anywhere above the paper’s title on the “The Enigma of the Shroud of Turin” page banner. Select print. You can use the same technique, with Chrome, to save the umbrella HTML page and all the graphic page images. If you do so, you should probably create a new folder. You can then load the HTML page from your hard drive and thus read the paper beyond WiFi range. 

Having said all that, this is an important paper to read.

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