Nice Pictures of Statue Based on Shroud of Turin

imageFrom the blog, Peg Pondering Again

Yesterday a friend posted some photos of the bronze statue of our Lord that was cast from 3D images of the Shroud of Turin, on his Facebook page from his trip to Israel.

Had to share his and a few I found online.

3 thoughts on “Nice Pictures of Statue Based on Shroud of Turin”

  1. I hadn’t been aware of this statue, and Peg says nothing about its provenance on her web-page, except she received the pictures after a friend’s visit to Israel. The sculptor seems to have focused on creating a dignified Christ in death, and the scourge marks and other wounds look understated compared to the Shroud markings. Does anyone know anything about it, where is it, when was it done, and who is the sculptor? The statue indicates,a normally robust physique, unless there’s been some slight distortion from the image process.

  2. Thank you kindly Carlos. The second URL you mention above is well worth a visit showing the permanent exhibition, which is well presented and comprehensive in its coverage, even though it may include some material that might be speculative (coins on eyes and flower images – possibly pareidolia, but fair enough).

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