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Yannick Clément Dedicates Revised Paper Thibault Heimburger and Colin Berry

imageHe writes:

Recently, I have updated my recent paper about Rogers’ conclusions and observations concerning the body image of the Shroud. The most important thing I have done is to write the correct reference for each quote, so that my paper can be more “user friendly” for anyone who wants to use one quote for his own research and writing. I have also merged some quotes together since they were coming from the same part of Rogers’ book or paper and I have also add a few new quotes that I think are also relevant for the subject of the body image.

And the best news is the fact that my updated paper is now published online on 2 Shroud website, namely the site of the Holy Shroud Guild and the website of Paul Schumacher in New Mexico!

Here’s the links to them:

. . . I truly think that this version is much better than the one I gave you the other day, so I hope you will help me to diffuse it to a large audience!


And as a footnote, he writes

I dedicate my paper to Thibault Heimburger and Colin Berry who love to put into question all the conclusions of Rogers concerning the image!!!

Indeed this is a useful collection.

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