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And what theory is that?

imageI can hardly not wait to read Linda Stasi’s novel, “The Sixth Station,” due out tomorrow, after reading this in the NY Post:

What if they cloned Jesus — would the same thing happen all over again?

That was the idea I had when I began researching my first novel, “The Sixth Station,” out Tuesday.

I began by exploring the possibility that the DNA of Jesus could be present somewhere — most likely, of course, on the Shroud of Turin. I was surprised and disappointed to discover that the image on the Shroud is only a negative — like an old photo negative. What’s dark is light, and what’s light is dark. The theory is that the image was likely transferred from something other than a body. Therefore no DNA.

Don’t you love it when someone says, “The theory is . . .”

And then there is this:

But the real surprises were yet to come: As I photographed [real Veronica’s Veil at Manoppello], each image on my digital camera bore a different expression. In one, the mouth was open, teeth showing. In another, the mouth was closed in a beatific smile causing Father Jake to faint on the altar.

Well at least this book is a novel. And I will read it, well maybe/ It is available in Kindle and Hardcover.

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