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Who took which sticky tape samples where and when? 6BD Pictured?

imageStarting at comment #26, from among some 55 comments to a previous post, Coins on Eyes Issue Again, there is an interesting and important discussion going on about tape sample locations on the Shroud of Turin: Who took which sticky tape samples where and when?

In comment #27, Barrie Schwortz writes:

Sadly, Max Frei died years ago. However, in 1978 NO researchers were permitted to take sticky tape samples from the face of the man of the Shroud. I documented every minute of Max’s tape sampling experiment photographically and I can assure you that neither he nor Rogers took any tape samples from the face.

By comment #54, Max Patrick Hamon is writing:

Barry (sic) wrote “there was no way for Frei” to take a sample from the TS man’s face, I AM STILL ASKING HIM HOW COME THEN in one of Avinoam Dannin’s research paper on the TS one can read:

“A bouquet of rock rose, which I (Avinoam Danin) had noted along with the crown chrysanthemum in 1995, appears on THE RIGHT CHEEK of the human profile on the shroud. Dr. FR HAD PLACED HIS ADHESIVE TAPE No. 6bd AT THAT SPOT(bolds are mine) and actually found some grains of rock rose pollen long before anyone had discovered images of the plant on the shroud.”?

How can Barry account for the existence of 1978 Frei’s sticky tape No. 6bd REMOVED FROM THE TS man’s RIGHT CHEEK? THIS IS A MATERIAL FACT!

(Myself I have detected at least 4 flower heads among which one petaless flower head on the left side of the TS man’s face).

By comment #55, Hugh Farey is writing:

There is a plan [right and larger version below] of the shroud showing tape sample areas taken in 1978 on the McCrone Research Institute website, which does not show a sample 6BD. However the numbering is somewhat obscure (at least to me). It looks as if there were 6 sample phases (although they are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9), each one labelled alphabetically, with the suffix F or B to indicate the frontal or back image. These constitute the 32 samples often mentioned. However, the alphabetical series are full of gaps.
Series 1 covered the back of the legs and is lettered AB to JB, but CB is missing.
Series 2 covered the front of the legs and is lettered AF to CF, with a plain 2-F just to confuse things.
Series 3 covers an area of Lirey holes (AF to EF) and also a midriff area of the back (AB to FB, with DB missing).
Series 4 has an EB on the back of the neck, and a 4-F on a non-image area.
Series 5 is missing altogether.
Series 6 covers the chest, AF, BF and DF, but no CF.
Series 7 & 8 are missing altogether, and Series 9 covers the top of the head, AF to CF.
Perhaps somebody could explain this?

It is usually stated that Max Frei also took some samples in 1973, which of course the STURP team were not involved with. Perhaps one of these was the sample Danin was talking about. The sample number sounds bit fishy though. Danin’s paper mentions sample 6BD. I wonder if that’s a misprint for 6DB, which would make more sense, but in that case it would refer to a sample on the back of the image, not the cheek.
Perhaps somebody could explain this too?

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