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Max Patrick Hamon on the Skewed Nose

imageMax Patrick Hamon writes with illustrations (I modified the format to fit the blog space):

Skewed nosed cheiropoietic & acheiropoietic Christ faces?

By way of an illustrative reply to the bloggers who thought the skewed nosed Christ face on Justinian II’s solidus obverse (685-695 CE) was a mere “minting error” and/or “directly influenced by the Christ Pantocrator, here are the perfect photographic overlap of the two ‘non made by hand’ Holy Faces (Turin Sindon + Manoppello Veil) by German iconographer, Sister Blandina Schlömer and the Christ Pantocrator of Saint Catherine’s Monastery (6th century CE). Now the reader can just guess what are the prototype and its two possible copies.

The coin image shown at right is repeated below the other two images in the same size as the other images. (Click “Read more” if necessary.)


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