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Believers and Atheists Learning from Each Other

imageInteresting piece from Science and  Religion Today, What Believers and Atheists Can Teach Each Other. This is a quotation, imbedded in the piece, by astrophysicist Adam Frank  in NPR’s blog 13.7:

Dig around in most of the world’s great religious traditions and you find people finding their sense of grace by embracing uncertainty rather than trying to bury it in codified dogmas …

Though I am an atheist, some of the wisest people I have met are those whose spiritual lives (some explicitly religious, some not) have forced them to continually confront uncertainty. This daily act has made them patient and forgiving, generous and inclusive. Likewise, the atheists I have met who most embody the ideals of free inquiry seem to best understand the limitations of every perspective, including their own. They encounter the ever shifting ground of their lives with humor, good will and compassion.

Perhaps there are some lessons for shroud authenticists and skeptics.

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