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Stephen Jones’ Critique of Charles Freeman Continues and Continues and Continues

In this ninth part, of Stephen’s critique of Charles Freeman’s "The Turin Shroud and the Image of Edessa: A Misguided Journey," part 9: "The Turin Shroud and the Image of Edessa" dealing with the Tetradiplon question, he writes:

And that:

"If we take a full-length photographic print of the Shroud, double it, then double it twice again, we find the Shroud in eight (or two times four) segments, an arrangement seeming to correspond to what is intended by the sixth-century description (fig. 25). And the quite startling finding from folding the Shroud in this way is that its face appears disembodied on a landscape-aspect cloth exactly corresponding to the later ‘direct’ artists’ copies of the Image of Edessa."

. . .  "Tetradiplon," The Definitive Shroud of Turin FAQ, Dan Porter, 2009. Illustration of Ian Wilson’s discovery, that if the Shroud of Turin is doubled four times, keeping Jesus’ face image uppermost, the result is Jesus’ face only, in landscape aspect, exactly as it is in the earlies copies of the Image of Edessa!]

So again Freeman, "fails to tell his readers relevant material which might undermine his case, weak though it already is" (to quote Freeman’s own criticism of Wilson in this very paper), so that he can take a cheap shot at Wilson, knowing that his Skeptical Shroud of Turin Website readers would be unlikely to notice his self-contradiction.

Part 10 is coming, Stephen tells us.

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