EWTN Series on the Shroud of Turin

imageA reader writes:

According to Adam’s Ale, this week EWTN is running a series on the Shroud of Turin on the series "Women of Grace." Today’s program reviewed the history of the Shroud and how it got to Turin in 1578.

Some of the circumstantial evidence for its antiquity includes the fact that when the Shroud (which had been hidden for several hundred years) was re-discovered around 500 AD, art and mosaic images of Jesus dramatically changed from a youthful unbearded "Roman" face to the man with a beard that we universally now see.

The remaining 4 programs will be broadcast this week at 11:00 am and re-aired at 11:30 pm. The most up-to-date scientific information and theories will be explored."

Here are some of the video’s on the EWTN site that you can watch now:

  • Revelation of the Road: The Shroud’s Journey SEPTEMBER 10, 2012: (Program 10350) Guests: Dr. J. Wayne Phillips, Father Edmund Sylvia One of the most fascinating and most investigated relics is the Sh…-377  View Video
  • The Shroud of Turin Research Project, Pt 1 SEPTEMBER 11, 2012: (Program 10351) Guests: Dr. J. Wayne Phillips, Father Edmund Sylvia In May, 2010, Pope Benedict the XVII made pilgrimage to Turin, Ita…-378 View Video
  • Carbon Dating and Image Formation: Science and the Shroud, Part 2 SEPTEMBER 12, 2012: (Program 10352) Guests: Dr. J. Wayne Phillips, Father Edmund Sylvia Occasionally in the pursuit of scientific investigation, contradic…-379 View Video
  • New Discoveries, New Theories: Science and the Shroud, Part 3 SEPTEMBER 13, 2012: (Program 10353) Guests: Dr. J. Wayne Phillips, Father Edmund Sylvia Science and reason are not antithetical to belief and faith. In fa…-380 View Video
  • Dynamic Duo: The Sudarium and the Shroud SEPTEMBER 14, 2012: (Program 10354) Guests: Dr. J. Wayne Phillips, Father Edmund Sylvia Conduct just about any kind of an investigation and nothing is mor…-381 View Video

6 thoughts on “EWTN Series on the Shroud of Turin”

  1. Wayne Philips in Part 2 of “Carbon dating….” says that NATURE is not peer-review and is “a regular magazine”. Certainly, he could not be more wrong…….

  2. Wayne Philips in Part 3 “New discoveries…”:«2012 science says that some type of reaction formed the image». I think that he should make a clear distinction between his points of view and those of “2012 science”.

  3. Wayne Phlips in “Dynamic duo…” announces some inminent contacts by Joe Marino and Barrie Schwprtz with the Archbishop of Turin with the aim to discuss new tests. Is this true? Can anyone provide any information?
    BTW,Wayne, Oviedo is far away from the Pyrenees.

  4. What I told Dr. Phillips is that Barrie was going to try and schedule a meeting with the archbishop on one of Barrie’s overseas trips.

  5. It appears that because of new information over the last 10 years that we now have brought the shroud into a more believable arena for many folks and while we cannot say without a shadow of a doubt we can not say with any certainty that is is not the shroud of Jesus either. So yes to me a takes a small leap of faith and when other religions try to challenge me on the passage about having Icons of any kind in our churches it is much easier to say we do have more historical information to say these are not merely images made to reverence but that they can be factual since we now can put a face of God of the second person of the trinity. Where as the Gods in ancient times had never truly existed and were images created and given authority often from the rulers of their tribes or Kingdoms. I continue to pray that many learned people continue to probe not because my faith is weak and needs this information to worship; bit rather because it is neat to see the worlds reactions as we grow in knowledge that this can be for some evidence of Jesus Christ’s existence and give more credit in an unbelievable un encountering world.

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