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Gary Habermas and Shroud of Turin Poster

imageShannon just posted the picture of a poster in the portfolio section of her blog with the following text:

Gary Habermas spoke on the resurrection of Jesus as well as the Shroud of Turin.  The Shroud is a mysterious and exceptional piece of history.  Regardless of the final analysis, whether it is authentically Jesus, a fraud, or perhaps an anonymously crucified individual, it is an exceptional artifact. Gary is an expert on the Resurrection of Jesus and has published several voluminous books on the subject.  His research into the historical Jesus has lead him to take a close look at the Shroud of Turin and the claims that it seems to be making from a historical perspective.

He will speaking at an upcoming Apologetics Conference, September 28-29 at the First Baptist Church, North Spartanburg, S.C.

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