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New Biblical Documentary of Biblical Proportions

Speaking of the face of Jesus (see the last posting, the picture in it is from the History Channel’s “The Real Face of Jesus?”) I found this story in the Wall Street Journal interesting:

MALIBU, CALIF. – The king of reality television, Mark Burnett, is taking on God and the Bible. Specifically focusing on Genesis through Revelation, Burnett is working in conjunction with The History Channel to create a 10-hour scripted drama using live-action and computer generated imagery.

“This project is, in every sense of the word, epic,” said Burnett.

Although the biblical series won’t appear on The History Channel’s schedule until March 2013, it is already slated to air in five-parts.

“160 million people go to church and talk about the Bible, but I want to really look at what’s in it,” said Burnett.

The executive producer developed the series with his wife, Roma Downey, who will also star as the Virgin Mary. Although they are still casting, Burnett told the Journal that he’s culling actors from “Game of Thrones,” “Sex and the City” and “The Borgias.”

This is not the first time the History Channel has put forth a religious series. Last year, the network featured “The Real Face of Jesus?”, a documentary that followed graphic experts as they recreated Jesus’ face using technology and the Shroud of Turin, a holy relic.

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