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Write up and link for Jesus: the Lost 40 days

Top Documentary Stream has a good write up on The History Channel’s “Jesus: the Lost 40 days.” There is also a link to watch the entire video online.

Released in 2011, “Jesus: the Lost 40 days” is a part of History Channel’s award winning series of documentaries on religious history. This film is written by John Marks and directed by Trey Nelson, the film is an interesting study in to the final days after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus was crucified on the cross, he was then resurrected by God so he could make appearances in front of the common people and give them solace.

The documentary also shows Rey Downing’s virtual model of Jesus Christ’s body. Downing has been researching the infamous Shroud of Turin, which is widely believed to be the cloth that wrapped the body of Christ after crucifixion. Using latest computer generated imagery, Downing is able to decipher the underlying image embedded in the cloth, and then generate a three dimensional image of his face.

I bought the video as a downloaded file from Amazon and watched it on a larger screen TV. It is also available on Apple iTunes for iPads, etc.

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