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Herringbone Weave within Stavronikita Epitaphios (Revisited)

I posted the following over a year ago and am now reposting following these two comments today from Matt:

  1. Did no one ever find out more info on this epitaphios? I think it is a very interesting one. Not only the Shroud-like weave, but also the hand positions, and the blood / flagrum markings all over the body

  2. Interesting to see in this epitaphios the wound on the top hand only near the wrist, as per the Shroud, also the lower hand (left hand) seems much longer than the top hand, also as per the Shroud

  3. Any answers, thoughts, speculation? Here is the old posting from March 2011:

The implications are significant. Look very carefully at the weave pattern on the burial shroud pictured (two photographs) and the enlarged section showing the cloth below the shoulder. In the meantime I’m trying to find out more about this. And I’m trying to find a higher definition image.

Photo 1:

Photo 2:

Section beneath shoulder showing herringbone:

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