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The One-Two Punch of the Year

Colin Berry had written that, “Blood-grouping the Shroud of Turin [is] like trying to sort apples from oranges in the dark wearing boxing gloves.”

It was a useful image until Kelly Kearse responded:

As an avid fan of the sweet science [pugilism], I would point out that even in the dark it is really not that difficult to grasp a round piece of fruit while wearing gloves.  Once located, with a little practice you can clench it in between the thumb and the inside end of the mitt [I’ve done this personally with a water bottle many times, though with a least one eye open, I must admit].  You can always use two hands to trap it in between.  Then just lift it close to your nose and smell-or, take a bite…it’s not that easy to sort them out under such conditions, but certainly doable…

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