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This is really just a lead in to quoting the Daily Mail on Lombatti

imageAuthor Jeri Westerson describes the shroud in her blog Getting Medieval:

But it just won’t stay out of the news. In 1988, carbon dating testing on the shroud proved it to be from the 1300s, a medieval artifact. But shroudies refuse to believe it. Even though this particular shroud only got its origin from around that time. Supposedly, this one was gifted to Geoffroy de Charny as a souviner from his crusade to Smyrna, Turkey in 1346. And the other knights only got a lousy t-shirt.

The shroud bounced from here to there and eventually ended up in Turin. It was just another burial shroud of Christ until  it was photographed in the late 19th century and the negative showed up better the face and body. That seemed to capture the public’s imagination. And it’s been "studied" ever since.

Studied in quotes says it all.

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