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Fudged C14 Numbers: Capitoline She Wolf the ‘Shroud of Turin’ of the Classics Set?

imageThe rogue classicist in his blog posting, Capitoline She-Wolf: 12th Century, uses Shroud of Turin as a new compound conceptualization word. Is Shroud of Turin on its way to become a concept noun for bad carbon dating? Bad science?

This seems to be a followup to a little brouhaha that rearose back in November (see, e.g., in the Telegraph: Romulus and Remus symbol of Rome could be medieval replica) which I don’t think we got around to blogging about. Folks should read Dorothy King’s post from the time: The Capitoline Lupercalia … I think the objections remain. The Corriere della Sera piece mentions radiocarbon dating again, but they’ve done some statistical shifting (i.e. it doesn’t appear they’ve done new tests, but they’ve fudged the numbers … I can’t really find anything on this at the USalento site). The Gulf piece mentions thermoluminescence as well, but I’m not sure how that would apply in this situation. Whatever the case, we seem to be on the cusp of turning the Capitoline She Wolf into the Shroud of Turin of the Classics set …

Actually, this is good English word derivation. And it tends to classify the carbon dating problem as a screw up. Now there is an interesting compound concept word: screw up.

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