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What’s the big deal with the Shroud of Turin? Everyone agrees it’s a fake

imageA review, yesterday, of Banned Questions About Jesus edited by Christian Piatt at a blog called Englewood Review of Books from the Englewood Christian Church of Indianapolis, sent me looking for the book. It was this in the review that caught my attention:

A great strength of Banned Questions is its “round table” format. The book is comprised of fifty ‘banned’ questions and each question is treated by a handful of contributors. There is typical overlap between responses to a given question, and this is to be expected (for, how many different answers can be given for a question about the Shroud of Turin? Everyone agrees it’s a fake!) . . .

That ‘everyone’ is the collection of three people the author, Christian Piatt, got answers from. Not much depth. Junky and erroneous information.  Have a peek:

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