imageAmina Khan of the Los Angeles Times in Thinking can undermine religious faith reports on a study in Science:

Scientists have revealed one of the reasons why some folks are less religious than others: They think more analytically, rather than going with their gut. And thinking analytically can cause religious belief to wane — for skeptics and true believers alike.
The study, published in Friday’s edition of the journal Science, indicates that belief may be a more malleable feature of the human psyche than those of strong faith may think.

Interesting reading. Then Tom Lyberg at the Wired Jesus Podcast add this:

No surprise here. People are wired differently and you can’t put God under a microscope. Therein lies the flaw of fundamentalism – you can’t analytically prove God and and if you spend your life trying to find Noah’s ark, prove the shroud of Turin, or defend a 5,000 year history of a short earth, not only will you end up frustrated, you will miss out on God’s activity around you right now.

In my studies of the Shroud of Turin, I have not encountered many fundamentalists. When I do they are usually citing scripture to “prove” the shroud is not real. But what Lyberg writes is probably true of many non-fundamentalists who are trying to prove that the shroud is real in order to prove the Resurrection and the existence of God.

Most shroudies that I know accept modern science on evolution and the age of the universe and know that the story of Noah’s ark is mythology.