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Tilt: Journalism

imageMary Kate Sloan interprets the EWTN article about Marzia Boi’s presentation at Valencia:

News came from Valencia, Spain, on May 1st that could very much help unravel one of the Church’s greatest mysteries: Is the man shown on the Shroud of Turin really Jesus Christ?

Reports state that a film of residue on the shroud has been scientifically tested and contains not only pollen from numerous encounters with nature throughout the centuries as previously believed, but also “ointments and flowers that were used in funeral rites 2,000 years ago” . . .

[. . . ] Many people argue that it is far too outlandish to place all your trust in someone or something whose mere existence can’t be proved; however, through discoveries like this one which unearth more signs which inevitably point to miraculous happenings and divine intervention, there are less and less reasons to deny the existence of a god. The Catholic Church is one step closer to making the faith truly universal, understandable in every tongue and pool of thought.

Read Two Thousand Year-Old Ointment Residue Discovered on the Shroud on this blog. Pay attention to the comments of Maria da Glória Gonçalves Barroso who was there in Valencia, Yannick, Dave and Gabriel.

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