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The Rush Limbaugh of Shroud Science

UPDATED:  The link I provided does not functioning. The page seems to be gone at Colin’s site since it is not listed under Recent Posts. Thus for those who want to see the page, I have put a screen copy of it below the fold (Click read more). It includes the photographs of Rolfe and the pope. He wants you to see the similarity.

Colin Berry, very much a Johnny-come-lately to the world of the shroud who frequently stumbles because he is unfamiliar with shroud literature, complains about being blocked at David’s site:

Do me (and other sceptics) a favour David Rolfe. Acquaint yourself with the literature before posing as the Grand Old Man of Turin Shroudology – and stop blocking comments……

He also accuses me of denying him free speech. He has his own blog and he can rant and rave all he wants there. He has all the free speech he can want. I actually approve almost everything he submits as comments, I just want to see each comment first because he has a tendency to play the role of the junk yard dog as he has done here.


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