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Did he say blood underneath the hands? Or was he misquoted?

From a local story on WIVT/WBGH, Binghamton, New York Channel 34:

Saint Michael’s Orthodox Church in Binghamton is celebrating the Easter season with an exhibit dedicated to the Shroud of Turin.

The display in the sanctuary includes a life sized reproduction of a photograph taken in 1931 of what many believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus. Father Thomas Drobena, a Lutheran priest from Connecticut, purchased the print after seeing the Shroud in Turin, Italy. Every evening this week, he will conduct a presentation at Saint Mike’s explaining both the markings in the photo and what’s there but can’t be seen.

Fr. Thomas Drobena says, "For example, the hands of Jesus are folded in front of him. And scientists have discovered that there is blood underneath the hands, something that you cannot see."

The church is open for viewing each day from noon until 1 pm through Friday. Then, at 7 pm each day, Father Drobena will conduct his Mysteries of the Shroud presentation. He says that will include an explanation of how the image is not actually on the cloth.

Did he say blood underneath the hands? Or was he misquoted?

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