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YouTube Version of History Channel’s The Real Face of Jesus?

I have just learned that the History Channel’s full length version of the ‘The Real Face of Jesus?’ has been posted on YouTube. It will be interesting to see if it remains there. For so long as it does, you can see it here:


YouTube is fine, but if you prefer higher definition quality you have some low cost options. If you don’t care about having a physical DVD in a box, you can purchase a downloadable version from Amazon for $1.99. You can watch it on any number of HDTVs that support Amazon streaming, TIVO DVRs, Kindle Fire and most Windows and Apple computers.

You can also purchase an Apple iTunes version for the iPad, iPhone or your computer for $3.99.

If you want a DVD, you can buy the DVD directly from Amazon or the History Channel. The list price is for $24.95 but it is often on sale.

I keep a fully licensed version on my laptop and another one on my iPhone. I’ve used the iPhone version with a projector to show clips of the show to an audience. 

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