A reposting from John Klotz from his blog, Living Free. It is called Science and the Resurrection. There will be another reposting tomorrow, Easter Day.

There is a great deal of controversy over a book by Thomas de Wesselow, The Sign: The Shroud of Turin and the Secret of the Resurrection” Wesselow finds the Shroud of Turin to be the authentic burial cloth of Christ but denies that Christ was physically resurrected. The reported apparitions of Christ after his Resurrection were, in essence expositions of the Shroud. Wesselow is an agnostic who has stated that he doesn’t believe in miracles. I disagree but,

Those who claim the Resurrection was a miracle against the laws of nature have, perhaps, a limited view of the laws of nature. Atheist in chief Richard Dawkins writing in his epic screed against religion found the quantum theory of existence incomprehensible even though it works and was a factor in creation of the atom bomb.

“Perhaps there are some genuinely profound and meaningful questions that are forever beyond the reach of science. Maybe quantum theory is already knocking on the door of the unfathomable. But if science cannot answer some ultimate question, what makes anybody think that religion can?”

Quantum phenomena operate at times independent of time and space. Nothing is defined until it is observed. That’s what confuses so many and why they find it inexplicable. Two quantum particles can become entangled. What happens to one happens to the other simultaneously even though separated by light years..  Einstein called it “spooky,” I call it love.

Some believe that human conscience is  quantum phenomenon.  Beneath the quantum level of existence is another level of existence that defines the quanta.  None dare call it God. But as it seeks to unravel the mysteries of the quantum, science is staring God in the face, it’s just that some scientists refuse to see it.

The Resurrection? Under these circumstances is not a mystery, but a piece of cake.
In October 2007, I wrote reflecting on the death of my adult son Michael. http://johnklotz.blogspot.com/2007_10_01_archive.html

I used the scientific phrase “event horizon” as a metaphor for death: A black hole of such enormous gravity that even life can not escape its grasp. I also stated that those who love are joined in their psyches. At that time I was not aware of the concept of quantum entanglement except in a vague way.

I now believe that love is a quantum entanglement of two or more consciousnesses. Our path to the  entanglement with God is entanglement with others, but the straightest path is entanglement with Jesus Christ.

Dame Isabel Piscek has called the Shroud of Turin an event horizon of Christ’s Resurrection. I was unaware of that when I wrote in 2007.

But as we used to sing in a hymn popular in the heady days of Vatican II:

We stand before your altar lord,
To share a common meal.
Love has brought us here today,
For love makes symbol real.
Amen and Happy Easter.

Source: Living Free