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A New Title for Joe Marino’s Book

imageA reader writes:

May I propose a new name for Joe Marino’s wonderful book, ‘Wonderful People Wrapped Up in the Shroud: A Chronicle of Scientific Integrity’. I learned so much and I came away with profound admiration for people like Sue Benford, Ray Rogers, Bill Meacham, Barry Schwortz, many shroud researchers around the world AND especially Joe.

Over at Amazon, where you can order the book we have this from John Klotz:

This is the amazing and at time heartbreaking story of a pilgrimage inspired by Joe Marino’s study of the Shroud of Turin. After his first study of the Shroud in 1977, he was led to a monastery and the priesthood. But ultimately it led him further, back to lay life and marriage to a remarkable woman, Sue Benford.

In 1989 when carbon dating of the Shroud allegedly proved it to be a fake, it was Joe and Sue who produced a groundbreaking study that proved the carbon dating wrong and restored vigor to Shroud science. Unfortunately, cancer ended their marriage with Sue’s death. Joe still feels her presence.

In this book he has held nothing back in taking us along on his pilgrimage.

John Klotz:

. . . and this from Annette Cloutier, author of Praey to God: A Tasteful Trip Through Faith

Truly passionate, insightful, inspirational, and very gracious with the truth: Joseph Marino gives us his invaluable 35 year fervent study of the Shroud of Turin. Anyone interested in the chief reason why the 1988 Carbon-14 testing of the Shroud proved to be such an atrociously misdiagnosed aggregate of medieval dates needs to read Joe Marino’s refutation of the 1988 lab results. From Joe’s first exhilarating Shroud Conference in 1986 to his personal letters and emails confronting the vaunted Dr. Walter McCrone who spearheaded: "the Shroud is a painting theory," the reader is given a front row seat on the battle it took to authenticate the Shroud. Among his many priceless communications, Joe reproduces some telling email correspondence from the key American chemist, the late Raymond Rogers, who was at first skeptical of Joe’s and Sue’s hypothesis that the C-14 sample contained rewoven material.
Rogers later confirmed the finding of Marino and Benford. Through Joe’s and Sue’s passionate work, the beauty of the Shroud is revealed. No longer can it be considered a medieval forgery.

Former Benedictine monk and priest, Joe Marino, together with his late wife Sue Benford, worked tirelessly in proving that the Shroud was not only not a medieval forgery but that it was in all likelihood the burial cloth of Christ. As Joe relates in his book, Sue was his soul mate who fulfilled every aspect of his being. Both became wrapped up in the Shroud together exploring its mystery through a love story for our times. Since his beloved wife’s passing on April 6, 2009, Joe Marino has continued to research this mysterious ancient cloth. His book Wrapped Up in the Shroud is a firsthand, first rate chronicle of his passion.

—Annette Cloutiér, author of Praey To God: A Tasteful Trip Through Faith

And I still must write a review. I just finished the book. It was outstanding. More to come.

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