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Fr. John: Turin Jesus On His Face

The Rev. Canon John H. Taylor, “father of two, stepfather of two more, husband of one, acolyte of 37, and priest of the Mighty One,” as he describes himself on his blog, The Episconixonian, notes in a posting entitled, Turin Jesus On His Face:

At least in the Huffington Post article, de Wesselow doesn’t say why the shroud’s Jesus, who may well have had Semitic features and was probably in his early thirties when he died, looks like the English knight who guards the Holy Grail in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

Episconixonian we learn from Fr. John’s about page is derived from his occupational information: An Episcopal ‘Priest and vicar; former Nixon aide and Nixon Foundation executive director.’

Fr. John may want to watch The Real Face of Jesus on the History Channel this Friday. I know, it’s Good Friday; so hit the record button on the DVR.

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