imageFrancesca Saracino, the director of the documentary "The Night of the Shroud," writes:

I am writing because I read some news that you’ve brought into your blog.

I want to do a bit of clarity.

This documentary is very strong for its content (Barrie Schwortz has seen a preview here in Italy) and we are looking [for/at] a most appropriate channel that broadcast it in Italy and in the rest of the world.

There is no mystery.

We’re just looking for the best way to give more international exposure for a documentary that will change many things on the issue of Carbon 14 test on the Shroud. But it takes time to do this.

Instead for the website, we are doing some updates and for this reason many pages are not available. The documentary will be available on DVD only after the broadcast.

I would be very grateful (also the production asked me to tell you)  if you can make these adjustments in your blog. Thanks so much.

This is what I had posted: It would be great if we knew how to order the documentary.

And here is a link to a trailer/interview about the documentary: Video Posted by Rome Reports: Questions Carbon Dating of the Shroud of Turin.

We will wait.