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This book on the Shroud of Turin seems to be a hit

Elizabeth Scalia is a Benedictine Oblate and the Managing Editor of the Catholic Portal at Patheos. She is a writer, speaker and a regularly-featured columnist at First Things and at The Catholic Answer. She really likes this book. Everyone seems to be saying the same thing about the pictures:

I have always found the image of the shroud to be intriguing, but it’s never grabbed me and held my attention, before. I think of the Shroud as a possible relic, an image perhaps caused in some flashing and mysterious moment of Christ’s reanimation. My reason says it is probably the burial cloth of Christ, but my faith says, whether it is or is not does not affect my belief, either way.

But here, to turn a page and see a high-def, full-sized image of the face, with the herringbone weave in such detail — the first time I saw it, I confess, it literally took my breath away. During Lent I have found myself turning to the page again and again, to just gaze upon it. I can’t find a comparable image on line to do it justice.

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