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Excellent Interview with the creator of Shroud Encounter

JT at the blog, Chicago and then Some has a very informative interview with Russ Breault (pictured):

. . . The most important question regarding the Shroud is “what if?” What if it is authentic? What would be the purpose? The only miracle Jesus performed not witnessed by others was the resurrection. Could the Shroud be a silent witness to the one miracle that had no eyewitnesses?

We live in an age when we communicate more with images than we do with words. Jesus is described in Scripture as “the image of the invisible God.” Is it possible that God allowed an image of his crucified Son to remain for this very age?

Does the Shroud express the very love of God who speaks to us as he spoke to Doubting Thomas, “Be not faithless, but believe.” Thomas went on to say, “My Lord and my God”—the strongest profession of faith in the New Testament. Perhaps the Shroud gives doubters of the 21st century the same opportunity he gave to Thomas.

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