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Breault: Fabulous fraud or burial cloth of Jesus?

imageJust in case you happen to be in the St. Paul & Minneapolis area today and want to drop over to the Anderson Student Center at St. Thomas University:

The Shroud of Turin is among the most analyzed artifacts in the world. Is it a fabulous fraud? Or is it the burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth? Is it forensic evidence that documents what happened to Jesus’ crucified body?

Shroud expert Russ Breault (pictured), seen on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel among others, will give a presentation on the shroud on Thursday, March 1. He will explore the mystery, facts and analysis surrounding the Shroud of Turin. The event will be held at noon in Woulfe Alumni Hall in the Anderson Student Center. Lunch will be provided.

Breault’s talk is sponsored by St. John Vianney Seminary and Campus Ministry.

Source: Shroud of Turin: fabulous fraud or burial cloth of Jesus?

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