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Kelly Kearse hit a grand slam home run

imageMaria da Glória of the Centro Português de Sindonologia writes:


Bravo Dr Kelly Kearse

My husband who is a medical doctor and a Shroud researcher commented that at last someone from the medical field shed some light on the AB controversy of the blood on the Shroud.

Thus this is a very important independent statement on red stains on the Shroud concluding on the basis of Dr John Heller,Dr Alan Adler and Professor Pierluigi Baima Bollone’s studies that red stains are indeed blood and Dr. McCrone’s theory of red ochre and vermillion is to be dismissed once more.

I congratulate with all previous comments, this blog is really awesome! Shroudies gotta praise Dr. Kelly Kearse’s amazing work, my husband said it’s excellent and crystal clear there is nothing more to add on this matter and this is one of the best posts ever published on this blog

and Colin Berry writes, “Splendid account Kelly – a model of precision and clarity.”

and co writes: “¡MAGNÍFICO comentario de Kelly!” (No translation needed)

and Ron writes: “WOW, is all I can say! This is going to take me a while to digest (with much study I must admit). Who would have thought we would get such an informative post so quickly on this matter?”

and Daveb of Wellington, New Zealand, writes: “This has to be one of the most informative and professional posts that I’ve so far seen on this site.”

and a reader from Sacramento, California, writes: “Kelly Kearse hit a grand slam home run. Keep this wonderfully clear essay on top of the blog. This is so informative.”

and another reader writes: “The greatest blog entries also scroll off the page too fast. Do something.”

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