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Another Justinian, this one circa 652

John Klotz writes:

I am attaching another image of the Justinian coin circa 652 CE. It’s much clearer (as advertised) than the images I have seen. To me the difference between the left eye and right eye are pronounced. Christ has a "shiner" on the right eye. Isn’t that unique to the Shroud?

. . .

The Pantocrater icon was an idealized Christ with no signs of the Passion. Wilson references in plate 17d of his latest book a Syrian representation on silver vase in the Louvre but I can not tell from my Kindle copy what it shows for the right eye. Anyone have the hardcopy?

I know we have trouble with people seeing things that may not be there, but the swelling in the area of the right cheek/eye has been noted by others. Any opinions?

What say you all? See Robert Bucklin, An Autopsy on the Man of the Shroud, “There is a distinct abrasion at the tip of the nose and the right cheek is distinctly swollen as compared with the left cheek.”

Coin source: The Deutsche Bank Justinian

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