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Memories of a Shroud of Turin obsessed vicar in Coventry

imageJ. Michael Povey, a retired Episcopal priest living in Sarasota, Florida, writes in his blog: (Back in 1962) . . .

On arrival in Coventry we explored the Cathedral and then sauntered down to the pedestrian free shopping precinct.

There we happened upon an older gentleman who was taking his rest on a bench.  He was sweet, kind and gentle.  His name was Mr. Shakespeare -  that’s the truth!

Eric and I, being good Plymouth Brethren gave witness to our faith.  It transpired that Mr. Shakespeare was a member of an evangelically minded Church of England parish in Coventry.  He invited us to attend a “house group” meeting that evening, and so we did.  Indeed we not only attended the house group, but were also given lodging for the night.

My memory is a bit imperfect but I think that the Vicar of the Church was our overnight host.  What I remember clearly is that this evangelical parson had a minor obsession with the so-called “Shroud of Turin”.  He believed it to be authentic.

Even then it seemed odd to me that an evangelical parson (evangelicals base their faith on the Bible alone) – should be an advocate for the authenticity of a Roman Catholic relic.

Even then I was sceptical about the “Shroud”, as I am to this day!

Pictured: The old Coventry Cathedral destroyed during bombing raids in 1940 and preserved as a garden of prayer and remembrance and the new cathedral built adjacent.

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