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Quote for today by Mario Latendresse

From Dr. Latendresse at

When looking into the details of the images on the Shroud, we are constantly surprised by the precision of reality it describes. The photograph presented below is yet another example. If a forger, from the fourteen century, ever thought about producing the details we are going to study, he or she went well beyond what any artist would ever do during the next five centuries. These details alone are enough to convince most people that the Shroud is not a painting. They are way too small and too subtle for a painter to do by hand. It goes well beyond the necessity of forgery.

ACTUALLY, take the time to read the full page which contains this quote. It bears directly on the discussions with Colin (Sciencebod).

Click on image to see larger version. Image is from where attribution reads, “Photograph kindly provided by Barrie Schwortz. Copyright Barrie Schwortz.”

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