The Christ of the Shroud of Turin and other reminders

imageFrom an article about an exhibition of the work by William Kurelek, one of Canada’s greatest 20th-century artists at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario:

Artists’ self-portraits can tell us both what someone looks like and what makes them tick. He’s placed himself in front of a wall neatly covered with images. A picture of the dead Christ from the Shroud of Turin [far right in picture] might serve as a reminder of his recent conversion to Roman Catholicism. A reproduction of an Eastern European icon of Mary holding the Christ child and a photograph of Ukrainian dancers hint at his roots. He liked to paint from photographs — and memory.

Hat tip to Joe Marino.

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  1. I briefly met this artist while staying at a Russian Orthodox commune.He was greatly influenced by baroness Catherine de Hueck Dorothy who left Russia with her family when a little girl and who was the founder of Madonna House apostolate in Ontairio.She was the one that was responsible for William Kurelek’s return to his faith.

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